What sort of place is Koenji’s Junjo shopping street?


It is just a few seconds away from Koenji Station’s North Exit!

Exit Koenji Station’s North Exit (serviced by the JR Chuo-Sobu Line) and there is an arch for the Koenji Junjo shopping street across the plaza.
The arch is decorated with Namisuke, an official Suginami ward mascot character made from fiber reinforced plastic by students at Joshibi University of Art and Design.

Why is it called “junjo?”

While the official name is the “Koenji Ginza Association of Commercial Shops,” it got the nickname “Koenji Junjo shopping street” from author Shoichi Nejime’s book of the same title (Mr. Nejime received the 101st Naoki Award in 1989).

The Koenji neighborhood has been the subject of many other stories and works of art.
With its approachable, humanistic atmosphere and creative inspiration, Koenji is popular with many young people still today.

What kind of shops are there?

Junjo shopping street is home to pharmacies, restaurants and bars, concert houses, book stores, discount shops, and a whole host of different shops.

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